Cebu City Tour

Fascination on Cebu city does not only end in its modern metropolitan areas and commercial structures. The city also holds a wealthy treasure of colorful history and tradition amidst the bustling commuters and public vehicles. These sites and destinations can give you a deep appreciation on the culture of the Cebuanos and their beautiful heritage. In touring these places it is highly suggested to rent a car through Cebu Easy because you can have more time and control in your hands when doing the trip. There are also tour guides that offer city tour packages and will gladly take you these destinations. But whether you chose privacy and leisure over company, just remember not to miss these sites when you are doing your tour.


The Magellan’s Cross is an iconic picture for Cebu in postcards and websites. The history behind the cross make it worthy enough to symbolize the brave Cebuanos. The cross was planted by the first foreign invader from Spain. Magellan, on his travel to the Spice Islands, discovered Cebu and planted the cross to claim the land for the king of Spain. Lapu-Lapu and his native peers fought against them and the first resistance for freedom in Philippine history was recorded. A shrine for Lapu-Lapu is erected in Mactan to remember his heroism and is another hot tourist spot. The Magellan’s cross is now preserved and housed in a tile-roofed kiosk.

Another historical spot is Fort San Pedro. It is considered as the oldest and smallest tri-bastion fort in the Philippines that served as the center of the Spanish settlement in Cebu. It was made on May 8, 1565 and was given to the locals after the battle of the Manila Bay. It bore witness to the struggles of the Cebuanos under different foreign government and many a times been used as a vital structure on the two World Wars. It is very fortunate that the place is well preserved that one cannot deny a sense of connection to the past while in there.

Popular among devoted locals are the old churches in the city limits. The Cebu Cathedral dates back to 1951 that started as a barn. It was improved through time but the timely essence lingers on its walls. There is also the Basilica Menor Del Santo Nino which houses a miraculous image of the child Christ. Its wonderful story is for you to discover once you’ve visited the church.

Visiting these places is easy by renting a car through Cebu Easy. Taxis can be expensive and may not be too accommodating. A rental car from Cebu Easy can make your city tour better.