Out of Town: Driving Your Way through Cebu’s Countryside

Cebu is very prized for its pristine beaches and modern urban areas. But those that long for the beauty of mountains, falls and rural culture, the countryside would not disappoint you. Cebu has numerous hidden beauties waiting in store for those who don’t mind longer travel hours and bits of trekking. They boast a world class falls, caves, islands and coves enough to rival other hot spots in the Philippines. A good way to conveniently visit these amazing places is by car rentals. Cebu Easy Rent-a-Car offers a variety of vehicles of your liking to take you to these destinations. Whether it is a private sedan or a minivan to accommodate a group of people, they surely have the right car for the tour. After renting a car through Cebu Easy, here are some spots you need to pin on your list.

Kawasan falls in Badian has ranked itself as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world on a recent web survey. The place exudes tranquility as cool spring waters flows freely on its numerous waterfalls. Before arriving on the fall themselves, you need to trek 1.5 km uphill but every step is worth it once you’ve reached the largest of the falls. The place is surrounded with lush trees and scenic mountain views making it a great treat for nature lovers.


Malapascua Island is another famous tourist spot because of the white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. It is the ideal place for those who can’t resist taking a dip on the blue sea. They also offer snorkeling and boating. A stroll on the island is also a leisurely experience.

Bird and nature watchers will have a treat in Olango Wildlife Sanctuary. The mangroves and sand flats serves as feeding ground for the 47 species of migratory birds that comes from as far as China and Japan. The birds replenish their energy for another non stop flight that covers 3,000 to 15,000 km.

South of Cebu is another beach spot prized for its flourishing marine life. Moalboal is a renowned diver’s paradise but still enjoyable for a normal beach enthusiast. You don’t need to venture far from the shore to see the abundant variety of colorful fishes.

Most of these destinations are far apart from each other that’s why car rental is highly suggested. Renting cars through Cebu Easy is comparably affordable than most package tours and will surely be a great leisure for your part. Enjoy Cebu!

Out of Town Destinations

Bojo River, Hermits Cove, Mt. Mauyog, Sardines Run, Sumilon Island, Maze Garden, Kawasan Falls, West 35, Mantayupan Falls, Canlaon Falls, Pityak Falls

and many more...