Self Drive

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In most travels, people opt for guided tours and follow an already established schedule which is not bad as it seems. First you are already assured of a vehicle for the travel, second you don’t need to read the map to know the route since the driver should already know of the path and lastly if you are in a group, you have a chance to meet new people. This is why this a more popular way of traveling but there is another charm when you do the tour yourself and drive your own on the road. Avid travelers who travel this way often rent a car through Cebu Easy or in other car shops and do their own driving in Cebu. The majority’s consensus is that they value the independence and freedom you feel when driving your own vehicle than when you go to toured packages. Here are some few points to ponder.

Travelling becomes much interesting since you can have everything your way whenever and however you want it to be. There is no need to hurry yourself when doing your sightseeing, afraid that the tour guide suddenly calls you back to the bus. You can take your time and enjoy the place as much as you want. You can be very flexible on your itinerary. Guided tours often follow a strict schedule and this may be inconvenient at times. Having a flexible itinerary means you can choose the sequence of the destinations you wanted and the time you spend on them. This is the real luxury of driving your own car. Some places may hold more interest on you that you decide to stay a little longer or when an unexpected set back occurs. You have plenty of time to work it out and can easily adjust your itinerary to accommodate these changes. Lastly, especially if you’re a photographer or someone with a quick eye, there are lots of interesting things in the road side that’s worth stopping. Taking a picture on beautiful scenery or buying merchandise from road peddler is much easier if you don’t need to ask permission from the tour guides.

The only downside is that you need to be familiar of the road and be alert of the route you’ll be taking. You may spend a long time looking at maps and figuring out junctions but these are just another part of being an adventurer. There are also helpful Cebuanos that can point you the way if you really get lost. Renting a car through Cebu Easy is an easy process for anyone with valid documentations. Renting a car through Cebu Easy is also relatively cheap than buying tour packages so why not give this particular way of travel a try.

Self Drive Rates

Transmission Daily Weekly Monthly
Sedan (Manual) P 2,000 P 12,000 P 30,000
Sedan (Automatic) P 2,500 P 15,000 P 35,000
Minivan (Manual) P 3,000 P 8,000 P 45,000
Minivan (Automatic) P 3,500 P 21,000 P 50,000
Passenger Vans (Manual) P 3,500 P 21,000 P 60,000
Luxury Passenger Vans (Manual) P 4,000 P 24,000 P 65,000
Pick-up Trucks (Manual) P 4,000 P 24,000 P 60,000
Sports Utility Vehicles (Automatic) P 4,500 P 27,000 P 80,000
Note: Rates are in Philippine Peso