Minivans are good all purpose vehicles that can carry a large group of people. This automobile is ideal for families or when hauling large cargo. It is usually a 6-cylinder engine with 2 sliding doors on the sides. Most minivans can accommodate 7 to 8 passengers. It is highly rented for tour packages when the touring party is a family or comprised of more than 4 people. It has a large luggage space to carry bags and very comfortable. Cebu Easy Rent a Car has good number of minivans that can provide service for any interested parties. Popular minivans are from Suzuki and have found itself many uses other than just transportation. Check Cebu Easy Rent a Car for available types that will suit to your liking.

Transmission Daily Weekly Monthly
Manual P 3,000 P 18,000 P 45,000
Automatic P 3,500 P 21,000 P 50,000