Vans can be passenger vans, utility vans or delivery vans. Passenger vans have fixed seats in the back while utility and delivery has large cargo space at the back intended to carry large items. Vans are big enough to easily accommodate at least eight people at the minimum. Vans have longer and wider wheelbases and higher ground clearances. Vans that are used in tours or other passenger travel have fully furnished interiors equipped with TV and other entertainment devices. Cebu Easy Rent a Car has different vans for different purposes. Renting a van through Cebu Easy is an easy and affordable process that will surely deliver the services you need.

Toyota Hiace Commuter

Transmission Daily Weekly Monthly
Manual P 3,500 P 21,000 P 60,000

Toyota Hiace GL Grandia

Transmission Daily Weekly Monthly
Manual P 4,000 P 24,000 P 60,000