Wedding Package

Riding off in a Carriage of Love your Wedding

Wedding cars are as iconic as the wedding rings themselves. No “happy ever after” moment in every romantic flick we watched has compared best than the starring couple leaving in a wedding car with a big sign that says “Just married!” followed by a trail of cans on a string. The wedding car has been an essential part in every wedding preparation not only as transportation for the wedding couple but as a statement or impression of showing the guest how much of a celebration is happening. It gives grandeur to the occasion and no wedding is complete without a wedding car. We here at Cebu Easy Rent-A-Car, offer different types of vehicles that will suit any wedding theme to help make the event a dream wedding come true. We have a wide selection of car models, from elegant white sedans, souped up pickup trucks and even classy minivans. There is nothing that rivals a spectacular arrival on a classy car on your wedding date.


There are no particular rules in choosing the wedding car but it is important to make sure that it matches the wedding theme. It sets the mood and tone of the wedding because we see the attendees arriving in the location on these cars or especially if it is the bride’s turn. In casual weddings, even minivans or pickup trucks can do a smooth job. Adding designs on these vehicles and they transform to a classy ride for the happily wedded. For more traditional or romantic events, nothing beats a classic sedan in showing elegance and love. It has the undeniable ability to make a good impact among all guests and on the event. There will be surely a lasting impression left on them after the wedding.

Wedding organizers spend a good amount of time choosing the best bridal car to go with the event. Considering your options by contacting car rental companies like Cebu Easy Rent-a-Car can be a good start. Renting a bridal car through Cebu Easy for a wedding package may include other more benefits, so be sure to send us an inquiry and we'll be more than happy to assist you.